Since he was a child wearing a Michael Jackson "Beat It" jacket and break-dancing on cardboard in Philadelphia, Dave shined with music. He started with a 45 rpm turntable with a collection of 80's hits from Motown to RCA.

     Growing up in the late 90's, Dave immediately took a liking to the late night club scene in Ybor City collecting and spinning Break-beat records in Tampa with residencies at USF's Greenery and Rocky's; Brandon's Eyes Wide Shut; Largo's Wild WIlley's; Downtoen Tampa's AV02; and Ybor City's The Masquerade and Full Moon Saloon.


*Davey started using the alias DJ Oshani in 1998

     In the early 2000's, DJ/VJ Dave Awesome moved to Nashville, TN spinning at Club NV and Kiss.


     Then after relocating to Orlando, Florida in 2005, Dave gained immediate gigs at club Fusion, Screamers, Club Volume, the Blue Room, the Pour, Antigua and then a 3 residency at House Of Blues. There is where he progressed to collecting MUSIC VIDEOS. After Vinyl changed to MP3's, Davey missed collecting music like he did with finding hard to get records. Videos became a challenge and also had a huge impact on delivering more to his audiences. They no longer just heard and felt Dave Awesome's mixes, his audiences could now watch them on the big screen!


      Besides the many bodies Dave has seen waving their arms and dancing on the dance-floors he's entertained, he's had the honor to spin gigs with some of the top rated DJs in the industry including DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie, DJ Mondo, DJ Jimmy Joslin, DJ Sandy and the incredible DJ Magic Mike.


       Dave is a DJ/VJ with a passion for songs and they're relation to time. Imagine what it's like when you hear that song on the radio that all of a sudden takes you back a decade. DJ/VJ Dave Awesome decided to harness that effect by spending years listening to, reading each individual lyric and categorizing each song and music video that was released on the mainstream radio/MTV by genre, year and meaning: Building a virtual musical time-machine.


what year do you want to time-travel to ???


#The dave awesome project



Tampa: 813.658.8675

Orlando: 407.473.1633

​​Austin:  512.537.8675



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